5 Best Packaging Materials For Moving House


Are you getting ready to move house? There’s so much to remember when you’re getting ready to get into your new home. Everything you own needs to be packed up, ready to be moved out and into your new house. The sooner you start packing up and planning, the better. Here are the most important packaging materials you’ll need to have on hand as you start packing up.


  1. Packing Boxes


This is where everything starts. Once you have these to hand, you can start putting things away, ready to be moved. There are all kinds of different boxes you can use, so you can find some that will suit your specific needs. For example, corrugated cardboard boxes are your best bet if you are looking to move heavy items. Things like books and electronic items are always heavy, so you’ll need a box that can hold them without breaking. There are also boxes that are designed for a specific use, such as packing glassware. Take a look around, and you’ll find there’s going to be boxes that you can use.


If you’re looking to save some cash, you can find boxes that are being given away for free. Online, you can often find others who have recently moved and are giving the boxes they used away. There’s also the option to go to supermarkets and other stores, as they will have large boxes that you can use to pack with. If you do use these boxes, ensure they are in good condition first.


  1. Packing Tape


Now you have your boxes, you’re going to need some packing tape to seal them up with. Obviously, you’ll need to seal the boxes, to ensure that everything stays inside until you’re ready to unpack them. That’s useful if you can’t unpack everything right away, as it will keep your belongs safe and sound until you are.


When buying packing tape, make sure you have plenty of rolls to hand. This is especially important if the boxes you have aren’t assembled yet, as you’ll need more tape to put them together. With a lot of rolls of tape to hand, you shouldn’t run out in the middle of packing. Also, buy good quality tape. You don’t want it to split or peel while your items are in transit.


  1. Bubble Wrap


This is another house moving staple. If you have anything fragile that needs to be moved, it needs to be wrapped up in bubble wrap. No matter how careful you are while moving, there are lots of bumps along the road as you transport your items. Plus, things are easily knocked as you’re pulling them out of the can and into your home.


Wrap your fragile items up in bubble wrap and secure them with packing tape, to keep them nice and secure as you’re moving them.


  1. Marker Pens


Don’t overlook this packing material, as it’s more important than you’d think. When filling up boxes, you need to know what’s in them. Once they’re sealed up, you won’t know unless you label them. Use a marker to write down the contents in large letters on the top of the box.


Another good tip is to use different coloured pens for different rooms. If you label all kitchen boxes with a red pen, for example, you’ll be able to see where they will be going right away. It makes moving everything out into the house a lot easier.


  1. Packing Paper


As well as bubble wrap, it’s a great idea to have packing paper on hand. This usually should be ink-free paper, to avoid getting marks on your items. It’s usually the first protective layer for fragile items, to ensure they won’t break in transit. It’s also useful for crumpling up and putting into the spaces in your boxes, to stop items moving around in transit.

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