Benefits of Self-Storage


Whether you are moving houses or thinking of starting up a business, storage space can do wonders. It is highly beneficial when it comes to de-cluttering space while providing a safe and affordable place to store your belongings. Big Blue Squirrel understands the needs of the customers and caters to both domestic and business customers. These units can be brought into use for a variety of uses. This versatility and ease of use are what make them an excellent option for storing your possessions.

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits one can derive from these units.

Space management by storing out-of-season items

Once winter is over, where do you plan to store the ski boots, heaters, coats, etc.? All these things and other winter necessities will surely be completely useless once the humidity and the warm weather rolls in. The same is the case with summer accessories. Chucking them away will cost you tons while stuffing them in storerooms will result in a cluttered house. This is where storage units come into play. Keep all your seasonal belongings stored in a safe and clean place.

Supports moving houses

Another primary reason why people choose to opt for self-storage is to make their shifting easier. Anyone who has ever moved houses knows how much of a demanding take it is. Now, for you to get through it efficiently, you should always have affordable and foolproof solutions. The appliances, personal belongings, and tons of other possessions need a place. Try self-storage and stow away all your things in there until your new house gets ready.

Moreover, once you are done moving in, you can still keep your belongings in your personal unit if you are unsure of whether you want to keep them or not.

A great solution for university students

Do you have a child who is going away to university? It is understandable if you plan on using their room for a workspace, etc. With storage units, you will have a safe place to store away your child’s belonging. The packing material provided by these units will save you an additional step of looking for bubble wrap and boxes!

Inventory management

A storage shed provides optimal solutions for all of you who plan to get your new business up on its feet. With a new business venture, there can be many uncertainties. Got in your inventory order but don’t have a place to store it? There’s no need to worry. With these units, you don’t have to be worried about a place for your merchandise.

Additionally, what we like the best is that you can operate from these units as well for the time being. Isn’t that convenient?


Storage units are cost-effective solutions to finding a temporary or long-term home for your belongings. Big Blue Squirrel offers strict measures, 24 hour CCTV monitoring, and 7 days a week access, which means you can retrieve your possessions any time of the day, without a worry in the world.

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