Keeping the Children’s Room Tidy and Self Storage Tips


Your days of tripping over toys are over. Children love toys, and in their case, more is always less. However, they don’t love cleaning their rooms as much as they love playing with toys.
The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone to stay at home. So, it is more likely that most children spent time at home playing with their toys. Many parents had to keep the toy supply running to maintain peace in their homes. All of this can lead to messy children’s rooms. However, here we are, with the best-laid strategies to keep the children’s room tidy.

Schedule days for different games and toys

Half the victory lies in making a schedule that is realistic yet gives enough room for children to enjoy their time with the toys. Scheduling play days will do two things – a limited number of toys will get out every day, and children will have an equal opportunity to with all the toys. Your child will also enjoy using all of their toys in rotation instead of just reaching out for their favourite ones.

Use storage boxes wisely

Storing toys in their original boxes is never a good idea. They take too much space, and the boxes can’t be properly stacked. Getting some huge storage bins with lids can be a good idea to keep all the toys in one place. Children can also be instructed to clean up after themselves and keep their toys back in place.

Schedule playtimes within a day

Routine is vital for everyone – a schedule that helps them in navigating throughout the day. Try to set a schedule that includes one or two playtimes during the day. If the children are adult enough, ask them to place the toys back in place after play.

Find some attractive and clear storage options

Front open storage options in vibrant colours are a great idea to keep the toy mess to a minimum. Installing toy racks that can be easily seen can work. They will be able to see all the toys. You can also mark the shelves to indicate the rightful place of each toy.

Put some toys on display

Cute and beautiful stuff toys can find a place on the dresser or nightstand. They will be easy to reach for the children while working as a cute decoration for the room. You can also line up these toys at the 3end of the bed or cot to give a child-like look to the room.

Explore long and short-term self storage options

It can be hard to part with toys both for the children and adults. However, a house will eventually run out of space if you keep accumulating everything under the roof. A wise and long-term solution is to book space in self storage units. Big Blue Squirrel provides short-term and long-term self storage options for the stuff in your house. So, you don’t need to part ways with anything. Book some space in these high-quality self storage boxes and live with the knowledge that your toys and other stuff are safe and secure with self storage boxes at Big Blue Squirrel.

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