Big Blue Squirrel Self Storage in West Thurrock: Giving Your Small Business a Cost-Effective Edge


Years ago while shopping at a thrift store, my wife had the idea that she could find an item that was undervalued which in turn she could sell online on eBay for a profit.  What started out as a hobby grew into a small business that eventually took over most of the space in our 10’ x 20’ home office.  Once there was no space left, we decided to shop around for alternative storage locations when we stumbled upon Big Blue Squirrel Self-Storage in West Thurrock, Essex.  My wife’s talents for locating a “find,” paid off again.

A lot of small businesses (and even large ones, in some cases) start out in the home.  We felt that in its current growth trajectory, it made sense to outsource our storage needs to a location where our inventory would be safe and secure, even while our eyes were not anywhere near it.  Enter Big Blue Squirrel.  From the moment that we walked into their office, we knew we had found a home for our eBay inventory. 

For starters, they had several different sizes of storage unit available for commercial purposes, and they have excellent storage term options, starting from just 7 days for those needing to give them a try before making a long-term commitment (that was us).  We were given a choice of several units that fit our needs, and when we found the perfect one, we had more questions.  How could they help our business?  Did they offer services complimentary to our eBay resale business? 

They have all the packaging materials you could need in their on-site store; everything from packing tape, bubble wrap, and flat-packed boxes ready to purchase.  This was a huge benefit for us, because not only did that eliminate our need to run out to a supply store to pick up packing materials when the time came to ship a sale, but it also allowed us to keep our business separate from the home, encouraging work-life balance.  To go along with this amazing time-saver, Big Blue Squirrel also has a parcel collection and delivery service through their on-site DHL Service Point and postal service which after getting used to, made us wonder how we could live without it during our initial startup phase.

If you’re worried about keeping your inventory secure, I can put your mind at ease.  To ensure that only you and authorized personnel can gain access to your storage unit, Big Blue Squirrel requires keypad access for entry, and closely monitors the facility and grounds via a CCTV network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They put a high priority on keeping your possessions safe while under their care.     

There are many types of business which can benefit from the services offered by Big Blue Squirrel Self-Storage.  On top of fulfilling the needs of a small online resale business like ours, they can accommodate businesses with larger inventory requiring their fork-lift service.  Over time, we’ve learned that they also over document archiving, meeting room facilities, and Wi-Fi.  My wife can take her laptop computer and work from the facility as she sorts through the inventory in our self-storage unit, prepare her sales for shipment, and ship them without having to leave the facility.  I think her only complaint is that she likes spending time there.  Does that really count as a complaint, though?

If you’re looking for a reliable and secure self-storage facility to help your business, Big Blue Squirrel Self-Storage in West Thurrock, Essex, is the perfect turnkey partner for your storage needs.

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