Help sell your house with self-storage


When you are looking to sell a house a number of daunting factors come into consideration. These include fees, signing contracts and the transportation of all your entire home contents. None of these factors may affect you if you can’t sell your home to start with.


Potential buyers need to visualise

Potential buyers will walk into a home with the aim of being able to visualise that it could be theirs. Providing a blank canvas, so to speak, will enable potential buyers to see their furniture, possessions and belongings in its place. This is possible with the help of self-storage companies, giving you the chance to free up space in your home and de-clutter any room in the house.



Homes accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ over the years and some of it can be quite large and overbearing. It’s a good idea to remove as much clutter or furniture as possible when trying to sell property. Large pieces of furniture which may dominate a room could be stored away while viewings take place. Freeing up space is vital to any home seller, enabling rooms to look larger and cleaner. Hallways and landings can be opened up by removing any unwanted furniture. Paintings and photos can be too personal for buyers sometimes, inhibiting them to visualise their own style, place them in storage so that plain walls can be seen instead.  You may have a spare room that holds most of your clutter. Move unwanted and unnecessary objects and furniture into storage to provide another spacious room for buyers to view.


Sell for more

Valuation on your home or property can be a nail-biting moment. House prices can rise, fall or stay the same since you bought it. For most people, they’re looking to sell the house for more than they paid for it, make a profit and move on. This brings pressure on the seller to get the highest offer on the house. There are many great ways to make your home sell quickly and at the price you want. One of the best things you can do welcome buyers with a spacious, clean home.


Choosing a professional, trusted self-storage company to safely store away your belongings is a sure way to help with the home selling process. Not only does it aid with making your home a spacious one, but it also helps to cut down on items that will need moving to your new home when it comes to the moving day.

If you’re looking to sell your home or property and need safe secure storage facilities, then come to us. Give us a call on 01708 862 787.

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