How to Store Clothes


There isn’t enough storage space in a lot of modern British homes. If your closet is full to the brim, you can save space by putting away your winter clothes in the summer and your summer clothes in the winter. There are storage facilities in almost every town and city in the UK, and they are cheaper than moving to a bigger home. But before you start stuffing clothes into boxes, here are some tips on how to store clothes for a long time without damaging them.

Clean, dry, and iron

Before putting things away, they should be washed or dry cleaned, rinsed well, and, if necessary, ironed. If you miss a stain or mark, you probably won’t be able to get it out after six months. If you spray perfume or deodorant on your clothes, the marks can stay there for good.

Have a Clear Out

We all keep clothes that are out of style or don’t fit because we think they might come in handy again in the future. But there’s no point in putting things away that you know you’ll never use again. If you are going to store some things, now is the time to get rid of the extra. Donate it to a charity shop or sell it online if it’s valuable.

Buy some Crates

People often say that vacuum bags are the best way to store clothes and other textiles. This is a good way to store things made of man-made fibres, but things made of natural fibres like silk or wool don’t do well when they are vacuum packed for a long time. Clear plastic crates are a much better choice because you can stack them and see at a glimpse what’s inside. Mice and bugs can easily chew through cardboard, so it’s not a good idea. Decide if you want to store things by the type of clothing, the colour, or the size.

Pack with care

How you put things into crates depends on what you’re putting in them. As a general rule, it’s best to put things that are heavy at the bottom of the crate and things that are fragile on top. So put your heavy winter coats at the bottom and your cashmere sweaters or a crisp cotton shirt on top. Don’t put too many things in one case. When putting things away, it’s often nicer to roll them up than to fold them. If you have dresses and blouses that look better hung than folded, look for hanging rails and use suit carriers to protect them.

Find Safe Storage

Not always is an attic the best place to keep your clothes. You need to find a place that is dry and cool. Clothes that are kept in garages or sheds often get wet, and clothes that are kept in direct sunlight can fade, even if they are in a plastic box. Storage companies like Big Blue Squirrel if you have a lot of stuff or if it’s worth a lot of money. Most of them have units of different sizes, from closet-sized to garage-sized, so you can store clothes for a long time without any trouble.


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How to Store Clothes

There isn’t enough storage space in a lot of modern British homes. If your closet is full to the brim, you can

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