How to Store Jewellery So It Doesn’t Tarnish


Jewellery is one of the most precious items one can own; some even have an emotional attachment, while others are simply statement pieces. Regardless of your reason to buy jewellery, whether expensive or cheap, is how you plan on ensuring that it isn’t tarnished.

Artificial fashion jewellery is not as expensive and has a higher chance of wear and tear. While you might not be able to completely save your artificial jewellery from tarnishing, you can ensure its longevity by caring for them.

Keep It Dry

The first rule of caring for jewellery is ensuring that you don’t expose it to moisture for long periods of time. Liquids like water, lotions, perfume, or even hand sanitizer can eventually strip them of their original color. Sometimes, even the oil of your skin can ruin the plating.

So, be careful as you wear your jewellery, and try to take it off wherever or whenever possible if you’re going to be in contact with any liquids. If you get them wet by accident, remember to pat them dry with a cloth.

Use Silica Packets

These are tiny pearl-like beads in white packets you’ll find in many shoeboxes. They help to keep the shoes looking perfect but are just as good to be used in a jewellery box. If you store your jewellery in a box or container but still wonder why its plating removes so easily, chances are the moisture is reaching them.

While you can’t prevent all and every type of moisture from tarnishing your jewellery, silica gel beads are great moisture absorbents. Just throw some in your jewellery box, and you’re likely to see less damage.

Apply Clear Nail Polish

The beauty of clear nail polish is in how well it works like a top coat for many things, be it necklaces, broaches, bracelets, etc. However, you’re likely going to have to repaint your jewellery as nail polish can eventually flake off.

The clear polish acts as a barrier for your skin and jewellery, preventing any kind of moisture from ruining its plating. Plus, your jewellery will have fewer chances of being oxidized and leaving a dirty-green colored mark on your skin.

Invest in Closed Containers

If you aren’t already, then invest in air-tight closed jewellery containers with options for compartments. This way, not only will you be able to keep your jewellery protected from moisture from the environment but organized as well. Throw in some silica gel packets for added prevention.

It isn’t too difficult to keep your jewellery from tarnishing if you’re prepared beforehand. But it is important to know that at the end of the day, your jewellery might get tarnished regardless, especially if it is fashion jewellery. Your goal is to reduce it as much as possible so you can enjoy looking fully decked for any event you attend!

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