Lockdown update


Big Blue Squirrel Self Storage to remain open.

We would like to reassure customers that all health and safety measures are being taken to enable us to provide a continued service to the public, as proposed by the government.

Hand sanitisers are provided in the store and we ask that customers take the opportunity to use them whenever needed.

Social distancing must be considered when entering the building, and we ask that people who are self-isolating do not come to the stores and stay at home as instructed.

Meticulous cleaning has been prioritised in certain areas of the building, paying particular attention to areas that are commonly used and touched.

Due to the coronavirus and throughout this ‘lockdown’ period we are reducing our opening hours.

Lockdown opening hours:

9am – 4pm Monday to Friday

CLOSED – Saturday and Sunday

Reception will not be operating during lockdown. However, if you wish to speak to a member of staff then please call or email. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Big Blue Squirrel would like to thank and wish our customers well at this very difficult time.

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