Make working from home, work for you.


For many people, working from home was something of unfamiliar territory. With the arrival of COVID-19 brought many changes to people’s lives, including working from home. The need for people to be able to work from home, under unusual circumstances, whilst trying to create a working environment, became the ‘norm’ all of a sudden.


Choose an area in your home

Making sure you are working in a comfortable quiet area of your home is essential to getting any work done. Working from the sofa or bed isn’t ideal and can leave you lethargic and unable to concentrate. A makeshift desk area is perfect for that home-base office feel.

A spare room to put a desk in or even the dining areas is perfect, as this provides you with a sitting posture, which is comfortable but not too comfy. Slouching positions will cause tiredness and even back and neck problems.

Noises around the home can be very off-putting too, with TV, music and even family members there to distract you. These all need addressing if you are to get any work done from home. You may even find that you’ll need to clear some space around the home, and this is where self-storage companies can help. They provide a simple and quick storage solution to any home that needs space, especially in current times where many people are still having to work from home.


Keep to a routine

A commute to work will usually require a certain time schedule to be followed. With the relaxation of needing to ‘clock in’ on time, you may be tempted to fall into the trap of lazy mornings, with no real direction to your day. Keep to a daily working routine, with an alarm set for the morning and sufficient breaks in-between work time.


Here at Big Blue Squirrel, we offer many storage solutions. So, if you find yourself in need of a professional storage facility, to make your home a pleasant working environment, then please give us a call on 01708 862 787.

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