Moving house with children


Moving house is a big upheaval for adults but what about the children? With so much to plan, box up and think about, the children’s feelings can be the last thing on our minds sometimes.

Major changes in children’s lives can be terrifying but with the right approach, moving to a new home might not be so stressful after all.


Let the children know as soon as possible

Keep your children up to date with any ‘moving house’ news, so that they don’t feel kept in the dark on matters. This also allows you to answer any questions they may have regarding the move and forward plan for what happens next. The thought of leaving their familiar bedroom, for example, could be a lot to cope with for any child.


Make a list

This list compiles everything you’ll need to do from now until the moment you step inside your new home. This includes where your children will be on the day of the move. Will they be with you or will they be staying with someone else?


Is a removal company necessary?

This question can only be answered by you. You can hire a van/truck yourself if you’re happy to drive one and your driver’s licence allows you to. You’ll also need to think about packing and lifting the heavy boxes out of the house, onto the van and then out again at the other end. Are you capable and physically fit enough to do this yourself, or can you rely on friends and family to help? Hiring a removal company will relieve the pressure and frees up time for other pressing things on the day.


Focus on the positives

Your children may need reassurance that moving is a good thing and the decision has been made to make life better. Let them know that friends and family are around for support and your child is encouraged to talk about any concerns they have.


Time for goodbyes

You may want to arrange a day to say goodbye to your old home before the big move. Put some time aside for you and your child/children to take photos and think about all the memories you have created since living there.


Include them in the move

Give your children something to focus on. Packing, wrapping, decluttering and making lists are all something the children can get involved in too. Let them mark or decorate their boxes, so you all know exactly where their stuff is on the day of the move.


Children on the move

If your children are with you on moving day, ensure their devices are charged up and ready to use. Colouring books and a bag with snacks and a drink in are always good to have. Let them take photos or videos if they’re old enough, to record the important day.


Explore your new home together

Once you arrive and you get the chance, take them on a tour to explore their new home. Show them their rooms and make it just like home again.


If you’re moving home soon and need extra storage, then we can help. Give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01708 862 787.

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