Self Storage Dartford

If you live or work in Dartford area looking for reliable self storage, then we have the perfect solution for you. Over time, your possessions are likely to build up and you don’t always have the space to keep them, so having self storage , means that you can keep your belongings safe and secure until you want them back. Whether you’re looking to store office files or home furniture, Big Blue Squirrel provides a huge range of clean, dry and modern self storage units, making them the perfect location for people from Dartford.

As well as 7-days a week access, the storage units are also covered by 24 hour CCTV so you can be sure that your self storage is always secure and safe. All of our self storage can be tailored to meet your requirements, giving you a reliable and efficient service at all times. Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to self storage, make sure to call Big Blue Squirrel today.

Did you know we are only 6.3 miles from Dartford centre!

Commercial Storage in Dartford

At Big Blue Squirrel we offer two self storage options, including personal self storage and commercial storage. If you’re looking to store old office archives, hardware or office furniture to give you a helping hand when moving office, or for long-term storage, then we offer a number of different sized, modern self storage units to suit all of your needs. We also understand that you may need access to your commercial storage , and so we offer 24/7 access, giving you an entirely flexible self-storage service.


At Big Blue Squirrel we provide the ultimate flexibility and have an entirely reliable service. Your commercial storage Dartford unit will be accessible to you all day every day, and we have 24 hour CCTV which allows you to have peace of mind that your belongings are completely secure. We have a range of competitive prices to suit all of your needs, which depends on how much you want to store and how long you wish to store it for. We always go above and beyond to meet your commercial storage Dartford needs.


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