Storage solutions for unattended homes when abroad


Like many people, travelling abroad is something most people love to do and some of us get the chance to travel for longer periods of time than others. Being able to jet-off somewhere is sometimes the easy part but leaving worldly goods at home can be a worry. With the thought of treasured possessions and home contents being left unattended for weeks or months on end can fill the mind with many worries and may prevent you from fully relaxing on holiday. However, there are several ways in which the worry can be eased with a few options to choose from, in regard to looking after the safety of your personal belongings and valuable home contents.


Self-Storage Units

By placing important or valuable belongings into a self-storage unit can be very comforting to someone travelling abroad and leaving a home empty for a while. Units are very secure and are manned throughout the day. Self-storage companies all differ on security measures so it’s always worth checking before renting a unit that you are getting the best security possible. Knowing that you can contact the self-storage company at any time is also an added benefit and will ensure you can relax and take care of what’s important while you are away.


Packing items away correctly

Pack belongings away so they are safe, secure and out of sight at your home. This way you are making sure that the items are not on display and easy to take, should any unwanted visitor pay a visit to your home while it’s vacant. Packing items away safely may also prevent breakages and accidents from happening.


Garage space

Garage spaces can prove an excellent way to utilise extra space for storing belongings and household items. Before using the garage as storage please take into consideration that the garage is safe, but most importantly secure to use while you are away from home.


Ask someone you trust to look after treasured items

Leaving expensive, valuable or personal items in the care of a trusted family member or friend can be immensely comforting before leaving home for a long time abroad. Providing peace of mind that it will be handed over safely once you arrive home.


Have your home checked on regular occasions

Having friends, family or good neighbours to check and visit your home regularly while you are away is another great way to provide confidence to leave your home and belongings whilst abroad. You may even want to consider asking them if they’d like to stay, instead of visiting while it’s vacant. You may even find that they’d welcome and love the idea!


Invest in a safe

Investing in a small personal safe for valuable items and jewellery can prove to be a good investment in protecting personal belongings. Items of importance aren’t always valuable but are priceless and irreplaceable to the person leaving them at home. Always make sure your safe is hidden away and out of sight.

We hope that these storage solutions have helped and if you are looking for a reliable self-storage company whilst you are away, then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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