Storing Your Winter Sports Equipment


Once the winter skiing holiday is over, we are faced with the same problem every year. What do we do with all of our Winter sports equipment? Not only is this equipment quite substantial, but it is also not cheap, so you will want it to be stored in a place that is spacious, clutter-free and safe.

There was a time when renting sports equipment was the more popular choice. Nowadays, with winter sports more popular than ever, many people are choosing to buy their own. So, what do you do with it once your holiday is over? Not many of us are fortunate enough to have a vast amount of extra storage at home. Once you consider family souvenirs and Christmas decorations, most of us find our houses pretty much full. An often over-looked storage solution is self-storage.

You may be put off by the price or the hassle, but it really is a sensible and highly convenient, option. Self-storage units are surprisingly affordable, with many competitive rates available in most areas. Finding a local self-storage unit shouldn’t be a problem. You could even share with a friend if all you are storing are your skis and winter sports clothes and find yourself with excess space – or even throw in your Christmas tree if you need to!

If you are concerned about transporting your equipment – maybe you’d need to hire a van – and feel like self-storage is more trouble than it’s worth, you may like to know there are self-storage companies that can collect for you. They deliver a “pod” straight to your door and you fill it and arrange collection. Then, when you want your things returned, simply contact them to arrange delivery. Self-storage really is the easy option and you will be surprised what a difference the extra space in your home can make.

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