Thinking of relocating your business?


Relocating your business is something nobody takes lightly, but with careful planning, this task can be much easier than you think.



There are many fees to consider when relocating your business such as fees for leases or commercial estate agents, removal service, packing materials and possible storage facilities. Storage for large items that aren’t frequently used allows you to utilise the much-needed space for packed boxes.


Notify employees of the move

Always make it a priority to let employees know that a workplace is relocating in plenty of time. This is to ensure that staff can make the necessary arrangements regarding travel or any other concerns they may have. Clients will also need to be notified of the business relocation, that way they are aware of any potential disruptions and can plan ahead too. Staff may also be required to work extra hours and providing this information well ahead of time will also help in the smooth running of the move.


Select the best people to help

Hiring a professional removal company can make a huge difference in how quickly and easily a move can be carried out. Cutting corners can prove troublesome and could be costly in the long run. Reliable, hardworking staff are another great way to gain extra help for the relocation of the business. Always ensure staff are rewarded for any help provided with the move to promote a good working environment and encourage employees to be helpful throughout the process.


Put dates on the calendar

There will be various important dates and time frames for business relocations. Ensure dates are in the diary or on the calendar and everybody knows what’s required of them and at what time.


Make an inventory

You will need to keep a detailed report of everything that is being transported to the new premises and where it will be placed once it gets there. This is one of the most important jobs to do prior, during and after the move. Knowing what’s in each box and where it needs to go once it arrives is vital to the relocation operation. Keeping an inventory also allows you to assess if anything is missing and where it may be.


IT help

Once you get to your new premises, you’ll want to get employees up and running as soon as possible. Having IT professionals on hand to help you set up phones, computers, electrical equipment will help with any problems you may come across.

If you are thinking of relocating your business and need storage facilities during the process, then please give us a call on 01708 862 787 or email:

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