Tips To Make Packing Easier


Whether you are moving home, decluttering or undergoing some home improvements, packing can feel like a daunting chore. Perhaps you have loft, garage or conservatory space to store your packed items. This is handy but does not solve the problem of clutter. A self-storage solution such as Big Blue Squirrel will give you peace of mind that your items are stored safely and efficiently. So, how do we make sure the task of packing is done as quickly and efficiently as possible? Here we have compiled our top packing tips.

The correct boxes – Good quality boxes are crucial for successful packing. Using the right boxes for the job will help to keep your items safe. A sturdy, durable box will be easy to stack, saving time and space. Big Blue Squirrel can help you find the perfect boxes for the job.

Vacuum-sealed bags – Bulkier items like towels and bedding are best stored in vacuum-sealed bags. This will save a lot of space and only takes a minute to do.

Pack heavy things first – Packing heavier items at the bottom of the box will give a strong base for lighter items to sit on. It is also always best to use smaller boxes for heavy items. Using larger boxes for heavy things will make the boxes challenging to move and prone to breaking.

Tape all boxes – Secure all boxes with a good quality strong tape rather than just closing them. This will not only protect your items but also help to enforce the structure of the box.

Do not overfill boxes – If you overpack a box it will make it more likely to weaken and also hard to carry. It could also cause damage to your items if they are crammed in together or packed into a weakened box. A box that is too heavy may also damage boxes that are stacked beneath them.

Stacking direction – Opening a box the wrong way up could be dangerous if you have delicately packed items. Try to make a note of or mark the boxes with the stacking direction.

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