Tips to safely pack & move Christmas decorations


Packing and moving are not just stressful but also time consuming and exhausting. Often, there is no time on hand for packing delicate stuff while relocating as we are juggling multiple problems simultaneously, such as finalising home, car, insurance, and major tasks of moving. However, no one can deny the sentimental value attached to Christmas and holiday decorations that have been collected over the years, and each piece is exceptionally dear to various members of the family. Especially when relocating with children, they all have their own favourite pieces, which parents can’t afford to lose for next year’s holiday season. Hiring a professional to help packing and move delicate decoration pieces is the best option while relocating. They know their job well, and it’s one less task to deal with in crazy times of relocating

Items you need

There are several packing items you would definitely need while packing your holiday decorations while moving. It includes scissors, packing tape (narrow and broad), bubble wrap, marker, carbon/packing paper, old newspaper, cardboard boxes, and dividers.


Packing Holiday Ornaments

The safest way to move holiday ornaments is by wrapping them separately in bubble wrap and seal them with packing tape. Keep every ornament separate from others to avoid scratching. Pack them and then put them on a box, and label them according to the category of ornaments. In case you have a variety of decoration pieces, try to keep all categories separately rather than mixing them all up. It would make it difficult to label them.


Packing Christmas Tree

People have different priorities for choosing the size of a Christmas tree. Some people like to have an elaborated Christmas tree, while others like to keep it intimate and compact. Depending upon the size of the Christmas tree, you can decide what size of carton you would need to pack the tree in a way that it doesn’t destroy its leaves and branches. Dissemble all the branches of the Christmas tree, arrange them with size, tie them with a string (without mixing different sizes of branches), wrap around a carbon paper, carefully put them in a right size carton, and store them at a dry and clean place. It’s important that you tie the same sizes of branches together, so it’s convenient to assemble the tree again.


Packing Christmas Lights

The most delicate Christmas decorations are Christmas lights. It’s extremely important that they are packed with care as they are fragile. The best way to do it at home is that you should start collecting the ring cardboard of kitchen rolls before any Christmas season arrives. They are perfect to wrap Christmas lights around to keep them safe from tangling and breaking. In case you don’t have them, you can cut a cardboard piece into a rectangular shape and wrap the lights around it. Put these in a box and to ensure safety, keep a packing paper on top, so their glass doesn’t get scratched.

There are many professionals who have the expertise as well as storage space to keep your items safe in case you can’t. Big Blue Squirrel has been in the business for many years serving its customers the top-notch services of packing and moving. Contact us now to help you with easy holiday decorations packing at your convenience.

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