What Should I Store in a Self Storage Unit?


Got loads of clothes that have outgrown your child? Just returned home from high school with massive study packs that don’t fit your compact cupboards? Don’t have free space in the garage to stow your machine repairing equipment? Moving homes, so need a safe haven to store your not-so-urgent belongings?

Whatever your circumstances are, at Big Blue Squirrel, we understand that over time, you may accumulate items that you might not need quite often. Taking up a large proportion of storage space in your house or workplace, these items add to the clutter, making your space chaotic and difficult to manage.

Providing efficient solutions to your storage problems, we provide secure self-storage units. – available for both personal and commercial use, in a range of sizes for both long- and short-term durations. You no longer have to fret about hoarding tons of useful items that you’ll be needing after some time.

Our aim is to provide maximum convenience to our customers. With 24 hours accessible storage units, you can store an array of possessions – whether for personal or business purposes. We take utmost responsibility for the security of the storage units, so you do not have to worry about losing any items.

Choose your personal storage unit according to the volume of your items. You might need substantial space to store your items, or they could fit in compactly as well.

Items to Store in the Self Storage Unit

Instead of stowing all the extra items on the top of the cupboards, store your unusable household items here. Some of these include:

  • Furniture that is not used at present
  • Unused crockery and other kitchen items
  • Luggage that you only need when traveling
  • Spare machinery such as an extra washing machine, Television, or a sewing machine that you rarely use
  • Seasonal clothes that are only needed for a few months of the year
  • Sentimental items such as big-sized albums, ornamental pieces, and other gift items
  • Books and Magazines that don’t fit the bookshelf
  • Baby gear and toys that your baby has outgrown
  • Repairing tools and equipment that you need once in a while for maintenance

Your office or workplace might have tons of material that you do not need frequently. Reposting them in the limited shelf space available is sometimes not possible, spoiling the aesthetics of your workplace in addition to adding to the mass clutter. If you wish to choose our accessible self storage units for safe-keeping your office items, here are some items that our purpose-built storage lockers are ideal for.

  • Spare furniture such as tables, chairs, or shelves that are not used
  • Computer units, printers, or other machinery that is not used at the point in time
  • Files of old clients that you rarely need
  • Confidential Documents such as employee files and consignment deals.
  • Bulk stock that needs ample storage space
  • Specialist equipment that needs to be kept safely

Items that Cannot be Stored in Self Storage Units

However, there are certain restrictions on the items that you can store in our repository units. At Big Blue Squirrel, the safety of our clients and staff are of prime importance.

Hence, we do not entertain the storage of any items that might cause potential harm or damage to property or personnel.

Illegal/ Firearm Goods

Since these items compromise the safety of our self storage units, they cannot be stored in our self storage units. Please note that if you own any item illegally, which might have negative consequences in the future, or own any piece of weapons, despite having a license, you would not be allowed to store it in the self storage units.

These include :

  • Drugs such as narcotics
  • Stolen Items
  • Guns and Firearms

Flammable of Hazardous Items

For the sake of everyone’s safety, we reprobate the storage of any flammable, toxic, combustible, or radioactive elements in our units. Avoiding any unforeseen accidents is our priority. Thereby we need to ensure that any hazardous items that can lead to an unfortunate situation and damage property are not stowed in our units.

These toxic materials include:

  • Compressed gas containers
  • Chemicals
  • Paints, robust cleaners, and other reactive liquids
  • Asbestos
  • Explosives such as fireworks

We request our customers to avoid bringing such items to our space, or they will be denied storage permits during the screening process.


Storing tires in our storage units is prohibited. Many people store worn-off tires rather than disposing of them away, which takes up ample space. Hence, we do not permit the storage of tires in our units.

Living beings – Animal or Humans

For obvious reasons, you cannot store any living creature – either humans or animals -in our storage units. Our storage solutions are only restricted to stowing possessions that you do not need often. Since we do not provide Kennels and pet sitting services, storing any animals on our premises is not allowed. Any attempt to do so would be deterred.

Perishable food items

Any unpackaged, perishables items that can be spoilt when stored for some time cannot be kept in our self storage containers. Keeping our self storage environment healthy and clean is our priority. Such items attract bacteria and molds, adversely affecting the atmosphere of the self storage units.

Alive Plants

Plants need a fresh and open-air atmosphere to stay alive and grow well. Since our storage units are closed structures, they do not serve as a viable space for the plants to grow and damage the plants.


Please refrain from Depositing cash and cheques in our self storage units. It is highly advisable to use your bank to securely keep your money.

Contact us today or visit our premises to avail our self storage units and make your homes and workplaces clutter-free by storing your valuable possessions with Big Blue Squirrel self storage!

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