What to do with your possessions if you’re planning a long-term trip.


Leaving home for a while can be exciting, especially if you’re travelling abroad to new exotic places. Taking time for yourself and experiencing other cultures and countries will be a welcome break, but have you thought about the home you’re leaving behind?


An unoccupied home containing all your worldly goods, some of which may be valuable and irreplaceable, can be a daunting thought. Are you willing to leave it all unattended for such a long time and have it playing on your mind? If the answer is no, there are options for you to consider.


Self-Storage units

Knowing that your possessions and valuables are safely packed away in a self-storage unit will provide peace of mind. Renting a unit will allow you to store and protect everything you need, with the added security factor. Always ask the storage provider plenty of questions about their security. A good self-storage facility will be happy to answer any questions you may have so that you can make the right decision for you and your possessions.


Pack belongings in boxes

There is certainly a good way and a bad way to pack your homely belongings. The best way to pack is to have boxes labelled and breakables wrapped in paper, tissue or bubble wrap. Just chucking stuff in a box will be chaos when you need something at a later stage. You’ll remember you packed it away…but just where is another thing!


Ask a friend

Get a trusted friend or family member to look after your belongings and valuables. They can pop in from time to time or even housesit. If having someone else stay at your home or pop by isn’t possible, maybe ask them to store valuables/boxes/bags at theirs instead.


Keep valuables out of sight

If there’s no one to look after your valuables, then you could invest in a safe. The smaller ones are not too expensive to buy. Hide it away in the loft or somewhere where it can’t be seen easily. The fact that they’re heavy and not easy to carry is another good thing about investing in a safe.



A garage can be very handy for extra space to store boxes and furniture in. You’ll also be glad to get rid of the clutter, which will be a godsend when you get back home. We would advise that you don’t store valuables, or any such things in your garage if you think it isn’t secure enough. Remember that garages can be damp and cold, so you may want to take that into consideration too.

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