What You Think You Know About Self-Storage is Wrong


At Big Blue Squirrel, we frequently hear all sorts of misconceptions from our clients in regards to self-storage. Often, these are clients who’ve never actually used self-storage for themselves, and so tend to have formed a wrongful idea about the practice.

Depending on your needs, self-storage might actually be the best option for you, which is why we think you shouldn’t listen to common myths about self-storage, but rather see for yourself.


Self-storage is shady

Let’s be honest. A lot of movies and TV shows feature self-storage units in a less than positive light. In fact, a lot of shady deals, cash drops, and other such undesirables happen in storage units… at least in the movies.

Luckily for everyone, self-storage units are, in fact, a lot less exciting than the movies paint them to be. In spite of what you may think, self-storage units aren’t those untrustworthy, dirty places you see in movies. In fact, a self-storage unit is pretty much like an extra room in your house. It’s as dirty as you allow it to be, and in fact, offers much better protection from cold, damp, and other destructive elements than your own home even.


Self-storage is pricey

Self-storage also gets a bad rep for whatever reason as being really expensive. Personally, we couldn’t tell you where that’s coming from. In truth, the overall cost of storing your possessions in a self-storage unit depends largely on how long you wish to store them. Big Blue Squirrel offers various attractive quotes and discounts for long-term storage, and if you only plan on storing your things here for a little while, then the cost isn’t that high, anyway.

Honestly, the best way to figure out how much your self-storage will cost would be to just reach out, and get a quote from us.


Self-storage is unsafe

While we get the reluctance to leave important possessions somewhere outside your own home, the truth is self-storage is pretty much as safe as it can get. Self-storage units are protected by the presence of CCTV cameras on the spot, intruder alarms, as well as complex entry mechanisms. That being said, it would be very difficult for someone other than you or the storage unit staff to get access into the area.


You’re tied by a contract

In fact, self-storage tends to be quite flexible on ending a contract. Big Blue Squirrel only asks for 7-day notice before canceling your contract with us, and that’s also our minimum accepted storage period. So really, you’re not tied down to your storage unit for that long.


Self-storage is for hoarders

A lot of people think you only use self-storage when you have too much stuff. In truth, people who use self-storage units can be anyone. Keeping things in self-storage allows you to free up your home, and with it, to declutter your mind. It’s a comfortable and affordable way to make more space in your life, even if you don’t have that much stuff!

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